Matthew Barrett is a consulting photographic artist.  Re-imagine your home, advertising space, online presence or place of work, through photographic intervention. We want to encourage each viewer to engage with the commonplace as spectacular, the mundane as extra-ordinary, and to explore visual structures, enhanced beyond their natural limits. We specialise in seeking new perspectives on subjects including urban environments, the intricate details of artisan-crafted luxury goods, observations of natural and constructed spaces, as well as images which assist in the creation of urban, organic, and contemporary cultural spaces.
The questions we ask when producing images are; Where will this image live? Who will see it? What function does it serve? We understand that images serve many functions, sometimes to inspire, sometimes to subdue, as well as a multitude of effects striving to reach a balance between seduction and ambivalence. Our images can be printed to allow for mounting and framing solutions which can be adapted to a variety of commercial, corporate, and personal requirements. Our images are also available in digital formats to suit a variety of commercial and creative solutions.
Residing in Wellington, New Zealand, Matthew is currently completing an Honours Degree in Art History at Victoria University, Wellington,  and is available to travel for commissioned photographic work.
phone: +64 027 4602785